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How to Use Shopify Analytics | ManyChat Аналитика

Learn where your store visitors come from

Do you want to know how people are finding your online store? Want to know your biggest traffic sources? 

Use Shopify analytics Acquisitions report to learn where store visitors originated from, so you know where to put more time and money to grow traffic and sales. 

You can find this report under Acquisition in the Reports tab:

The Acquisition report focuses on three different sub-reports: sessions over time, sessions by referrer, and sessions by location. 

Sessions over time

The Sessions over time report shows the number of visitors and sessions over a given time range. 

You can change the date range to compare week-over-week, month-over-month, quarter-over-quarter, etc. Then group the data by hour, day, week or hour of day. 

Aim to compare different time periods to spot developing trends. Comparison gives data more context, and can help you decide whether you’re progressing or regressing over time. You can correlate the trend with marketing or ad campaigns to understand their impact on your Shopify store.

Sessions by referrer 

The Sessions by referrer report shows you whether visitors come to your store directly, from search, or by a referral. It’s similar to the information in the overview of your Shopify dashboard, but goes more in-depth. 

You can use this report to find where visitors are coming from. This is important for choosing where to invest your time and money for traffic growth. You could double down on high-performing sources, or experiment with new sources and easily track the results.

Sessions by location

As you may expect, the Sessions by location shows you the number of visitors and sessions by country. 

Focus on actions people take on your site

The Shopify analytics Behavior reports focus on how people interact with your eCommerce store. You can find these reports under Behavior in the Reports tab.

There are many different reports, but if you’re new to reports, start with these four key ones to improve your Shopify website. 

1. Top online store searches

If you have a Shopify theme store with a search bar, you can access the Top online store searches report. A search functionality is  useful because it shows you what shoppers search for in your store.

Top online searches view in Shopify Analytic
Image via Shopify

You can use this information to understand the words visitors use when searching for a product in your store. Then, adjust or add product titles and descriptions so they can find what they’re looking for, quickly. 

2. Top online store searches with no results

Another report you could use is Top online store searches with no results. This report shows you the terms shoppers used when searching for a product in your store, but didn’t get any results. 

Knowing what people are looking for in your store can help you understand product demand and can help you weave different terms into your product titles and descriptions. 

3. Sessions by landing page

Sessions by landing page shows you how many sessions started with a specific landing page on your eCommerce website. 

You can use this data to learn more about which pages are working, and which aren’t. Aim to look at this report over a time frame of 30 or 60 days to measure long-term performance and improve future marketing campaigns. If a landing page used to perform well, and it starts to slack, you want to know so you can fix the page and improve your conversions.

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Maybe you need to customize the copy or call-to-actions on those pages to give visitors a memorable first impression on your eCommerce website. Maybe you’re running an A/B test and want to see which page performs better over time. You’ll know exactly where to place your time and money to drive better results..

4. Online store conversions over time

Online store conversions over time is something you want to keep an eye on in your Shopify analytics. It’s a useful report that shows the percentage of site visitors that make a purchase over a period of time.

Online store conversions over time in Shopify
Image via Lucid

In this report, you can track:

  • Sessions: The number of sessions in your store.
  • Added to cart: The number of sessions where a shopper added a product to cart.
  • Reached checkout: The number of sessions a shopper reached check out with a product in cart.
  • Sessions converted: The number of sessions a shopper purchased a product.
  • Conversion rate: the percentage of sessions that ended in a purchase. 

You can use this information to figure out where a shopper drops off in your conversion funnel. 

For example, if you notice a drop off after someone reaches checkout, you could put a Customer Live Chat widget by ManyChat on check out pages to help answer any last minute questions and encourage a sale. 

If you find people aren’t even adding products to cart, you may need to increase trust and reduce fear on your Shopify website. You could use an opt-in Growth Tool to offer first-time visitors a discount and engage in a conversation with them on Homepage, Product, or Collection pages to start building a relationship right away.

Integrate with Google analytics

If you want to take your eCommerce tracking to the next level, setup Google analytics with Shopify’s eCommerce platform. Google analytics tracking will help you better understand the traffic that’s coming to your site such as:

  • How many visitors your store gets.
  • The city or state a visitor is from.
  • How long they stay on your page.
  • How many visitors complete a goal in your Google analytics funnel.

Connecting your Shopify data with Google analytics also gives you the ability to enable Enhanced Ecommerce and use Google Tag Manager (if you’re a Shopify Plus store) to create sales funnels and get the most from your eCommerce data. 

To set up Google analytics with your Shopify analytics, read this support article by Shopify. 

Lifetimely Profit & LTV

Lifetimely is an advanced profit dashboard and customer lifetime value analytics tool for Shopify’s platform. It helps you track your customer lifetime value and repurchase rate, plus, provides insight into how your best customers behave.

Google analytics Assistant by Invenire

Want to connect your Google analytics account to Shopify with confidence? The Google analytics Assistant is your best choice. Rather than pour through documentation and checking off all the boxes manually, you can use this Shopify app to get set up in minutes. It’s automatic, free, and fast.


This is the best ecommerce analytics tool to improve your advertising efforts and exponentially increase your ecommerce metrics.

Price: $299/month

Features includes:


  • PDF reports
  • Substance and traffic investigation
  • Progressed AI


  • Simple traffic information
  • No serious designs
  • No SEO highlights

Open Audiencefy


Canecto is a web analytics reporting tool to draw in online entrepreneurs in an excursion that will change them. try not to need to invest energy on web investigation or need to learn muddled instruments.

Price: $99/month

Features includes:



  • The substance part is truly incredible, and I would cherish for the framework to have more experiences here.
  • You need to introduce the content before it works.
  • I would have enjoyed that the day by day report was an application and not an email.

Open Canecto


Conversific is another sort of benefit examination ecommerce analytics tool for Shopify that encourages you to streamline your traffic and change, accumulate better information, and develop online deals and benefits.

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Price: $29.00 per month

Features includes:

  • Ecommerce report – monitor store performance
  • Ecommerce benchmarks – for benchmarking performance against competitors
  • Data insights – actionable insights and personalised list of action items
  • Products and customer analytics


  • Prescient analytics
  • Friend benchmarks
  • Transformation bits of knowledge


  • No substance
  • The cost
  • In view of Google analytics

Open Conversific

Email campaigns

You can collect customer emails during checkout and run email marketing campaigns.

Example: using the online store conversion report to make business decisions

Sarah has a sporting goods store. A lot of people visit her online store, but she isn’t getting many sales yet.

Price discounts and markups

Based on the concept that shoppers are likely to add Product B to their cart after adding Product A, you can discount Product A and increase the price of Product B. The discount might increase the frequency that Product A is added to the cart and impact the frequency that Product B is also added.

There are different ways to discount your prices in Shopify:


This is the hassle-free Shopify analytics tools. It’s an application made by business people for business people. The best thing about Putler is it helps monitor not just one but multiple Shopify stores in a single place. Take a look at more of its interesting features below:

Price : $29/month

Features includes:

Retentionx: analytics pro | shopify app store

Probably one of the easiest apps to get setup on and it provides amazing data I haven’t found anywhere else. The price point of $399 max is great. It shows data that I’ve been tracking manually for months and even data I had just started to track manually right before finding it. This has show a few HUGE things that we really needed to know. Since implementing this, digging into the data, and brainstorming around it, we’re already seeing a lift in metrics. This is great at highlighting ALL your flaws and all the things you’ve missed? Tracking LTV monthly by customers is my favorite piece so far. This is something I’ve wanted to find for months but have only found manually elsewhere.

eCommerce analytics tool powered by artificial intelligence. It brings data from all your marketing and analytics apps to one dashboard. It then uses eCommerce intelligence, backed by industry experts to suggest high-converting marketing strategies that identify untapped market opportunities to help increase the revenue.

Price : $49.99/month

Features includes:

  • Customer analytics report
  • Product analytics report
  • Performance analytics report
  • Growth analytics report



  • The cost
  • Pro device
  • No traffic information


Segments analytic

Segment is the main client information stage that gives progressed eCommerce client insight to transform clients into rehashes. It offers an expository force that encourages you to gather, clean, and control your client information.

Price: $239/month

Features includes:

  • Prebuilt segmentation
  • Client cohorts
  • Email return on investment (ROI)
  • Item return on investment (ROI)
  • Increase customer lifetime value


  • Mixpanel track work
  • Radio track work
  • Portion track work


  • You will require a designer to assist you with actualizing Segment.
  • Troubleshooting issues turns out to be somewhat harder since you currently have two frameworks in play.
  • Some instrument explicit highlights won’t work through segment.

Open Segments Analytic

Sensai metrics

Sensai Metrics helps to grow your business in the right way. Sensai Metrics is a SAAS to investigate online business stores with various information science models and AI, we bring together all the information from a web based business.

Price: $179/ per month

Features includes:


  • Continuous traffic
  • Highlight ritch
  • The cost


  • The plan
  • Tech center
  • No substance highlights

Open Sensai Metrics


Enterprise level, real-time predictive analytics and data science platform for eCommerce stores.

Price: $399/month

Features includes:

  • Real-time predictive analytics
  • Life time value and inventory forecasting
  • UI based ML workflows, ability to build, train, test and deploy ML models. Making predictions and identifying patterns.
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  • Ease of utilization, valuing, constant idea,
  • Pleasant arrangement of applications, incredibly simple to begin.
  • The idea of application store assists with empowering investigation for known areas


  • Need more applications, a few records and how to help manage hardly any highlights.
  • Recordings and introductions may help.

Open ShopIQ

Want to improve conversions and online sales in your shopify store? go pro today with manychat.


Track singular guests utilizing your site progressively. Comprehend and develop your traffic with free, live examination.

Price: $284.95/month

Features includes:


  • Find out about your visitors.
  • Ability your website is being used
  • Traffic counter


  • Mistakes encountered
  • Restricted free version
  • Misrepresented and expensive

Open Web-stat

Why use shopify analytics?

Smart business decisions are made when you take a data-driven approach and tie it to your eCommerce marketing efforts and overall company goals.

Shopify analytics gives you information that you’ll need to track your store’s activity and analyze transactions to help you make strong, strategic decisions. Making these strategic decisions will guide your business to having one of the best eCommerce websites out there.

Understanding how your shoppers behave and interact with your content can help you:

Whether you have questions about your customers, financials, or marketing efforts, you can find the answers in Shopify analytics. 

Yandex metrica

Yandex.Metrica is an amazing web investigation framework consolidating progress announcing instruments with heat guides and meeting replay.

Price: You pay according to your customer data

Features includes:


  • Framework generally approves of inspecting, as in Google analytics.
  • Information about site visits not communicated to Google.
  • Interface is basic.


  • Interface isn’t versatile.
  • Framework lessens the speed of stacking the site.
  • Interface doesn’t uphold various dialects

Open Yandex Metrica

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