Использование Google Analytics API для построения статистики посещения страниц сайта / Хабр

Использование Google Analytics API для построения статистики посещения страниц сайта / Хабр Аналитика

. How to get FullContact API Key credentials

  1. Open FullContact website
  2. Register or log in
  3. Go to Dashboard to ket your apiKey

List of Endpoints

  • getRequests – this endpoint is used to view a paged history of your transcriptions.
  • LookupCompanyByName – Used request more information about a specific company by name.
  • LookupPersonByEmail – this endpoint returns information about a specific person.

Business plan

  • Trial free
  • Small business – $499/month
  • Enterprise – contact FullContact for details.

How to get baremetrics api key credentials

  1. Go to Baremetrics website
  2. Register or log in
  3. Go to the Setting page to get your apiKey

Baremetrics endpoints

  • create customer – create a new customer by invoking this endpoint
  • createPlan – allows you to create a new plan
  • createSubscription – will enable you to create a new subscription.

Baremetrics pricing details

  • Starter $50/month
  • Professional $100/month
  • Business $250/month
  • Enterprise $500/month

Google Analytics API on RapidAPI.com
Developed by Google, the Google Analytics API can be integrated into an application to programmatically create, access, and manage Google Analytics entities such as accounts, properties, views, etc.

How to get finbox api key credentials

  • Browse to Finbox
  • Register or log in
  • Go to API Access page to get your apiKey

List of Finbox endpoints

  • getSingleDataForMetric – Resolve a range of data points for a single company metric.
  • ListAvailableMetrics – Returns a list of available metrics.
  • Finbox.listLatestFairValues – Returns a summary of the latest finbox.io fair value computed for a company.

Finbox pricing

  • Monthly Plan $39/month
  • Quarterly Plan $29/month
  • Yearly Plan $25/month

allows developing an application to manage real-time delivery and analytics functionality. OnFleet provides the easiest way to analyze and manage shipments.

Contact OnFleet for right API key.

How to get google analytics api key credentials

  1. Go to Google Developers Console;
  2. Create a new project or select existing one and click continue to activate the API Key.
  3. Select Credentials. Create an API key for your server; click add credentials>API key>Server key.

Google Analytics API endpoints

  • addAdvancedFilter – adds an advanced filter.
  • AddAdwordsPropertyLink – Adds a web property-AdWords link.
  • AddIncludeFilter – Adds an include filter.
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Pricing details for Google Analytics

  • Google offers 50,000 requests per day for free.
  • The requests can be increased in their premium plans.

Google Analytics API is available in the following SDKs:

Navigate to the Google Analytics API package page on the RapidAPI marketplace for more examples.


allows you to look up the classification or reputation of URLs and IP addresses against our “Malware & Phishing” and “Pornography” collections.

How to get keenio api key credentials

KeenIO endpoints

  • createAccessKey – Create a new API Key for the project.
  • CreateEvent – Records a single event to a given event collection.
  • CalculateAveragePropertyValues – Calculate the average value for a target property, among all events in a collection matching given criteria.

KeenIO API pricing

  • $1 per key (monthly)
  • $1 per 10 million properties scanned
  • $1 per 10 thousand events streamed

Developed and owned by Microsoft,

is a suite of text analytics web services built with best-in-class Microsoft machine learning algorithms.

How to get mailchimp credentials

  1. Go to MailChimp API to create MailChimp account.
  2. Inside the account folder, go to Extras, API Keys folder.
  3. Click on Create A Key button and save your API key.

Read more on how to get a MailChimp API Key.

MailChimp endpoints

  • addWorkflowEmailSubscriber – Manually add a subscriber to a workflow, bypassing the default trigger settings.
  • BatchAddMembersToList – Batch subscribe or unsubscribe list members.
  • CreateCampaignFolder – This creates a new campaign folder.

MailChimp Pricing

  • Free Tier
  • Growing Business tier – $10/month
  • Pro tier – $199/month

Developed and owned by SendGrid, the SendGrid API allows you to manage email campaigns, subscribers and helps in designing of templates.

SendGrid supports different development frameworks including, Ruby, Python, Node.js, Go, Java and C#.

How to get microsoft text analytics api key credentials

  1. Go to Microsoft Azure Portal and subscribe to MicrosoftTextAnalytic application programming interface.
  2. Click create button, navigate to settings, the credential selection you will see the apiKey

MicrosoftTextAnalytic API endpoints

  • detectLanguage – The API returns the recognized word and a numeric score between 0 and 1. Scores close to 1 indicate 100% certainty that the identified language is correct.
  • GetKeyPhrases – The API returns a list of strings denoting the key talking points in the input text.
  • GetSentimentIndex – The API returns a numeric score between 0 and 1. Scores close to 1 indicate positive sentiment, while scores close to 0 indicate negative sentiment.

Pricing details

  • Free tier 5000 maximum transactions
  • Standard S0 $74.71/month 25000 maximum deals
  • Standard S1 $249.86/month 100000 maximum deals
  • Standard S2 $999.75/month 500000 maximum sales
  • Standard S3 $2499.84/month 2500000 maximum sales
  • Standard S4 $4999.99/month 10000 maximum transactions
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allows a developer to create customers easily and manage their subscriptions. The API helps in managing payments for different subscriptions. It offers subscriptions analytics and insights.

Individual plan

  • Basic – free
  • Premium – $8.33/month
  • Team – $9.99/month

Partners plan

  • Developers – free
  • Custom – contact FullContact for details.

analyzes your stock and provides information about the stock. Business can use this API to know what each share is worth at any time.


There are different pricing plans for the API to choose from depending on the size of your business. APIs make the development of applications easier by proving predefined methods to help you analyze and get quick insights about your business.

Summary: best analytics apis

Do you agree with our list? What do you think is the best Analytics API? Let us know in the comments below.

What are analytics apis?

Analytics APIs are APIs that enable applications to perform a systematic analysis of data and provides insights into the meaning of the data to help in decision making. (Not to get confused with API Analytics).


Analytics can be used to find trends and patterns, customer behavior and help in predictive analysis.

Most organization need to perform analysis on the data on their databases; these analytics application programming interfaces can be integrated into the applications to carry out analytic activities easily. Below is a list of different analytics application programming interfaces.

Использование google analytics api для построения статистики посещения страниц сайта



require_once ‘start.php’; // Подключение к базе и прочее

require_once ‘gapi.class.php’; // Подключаем класс

// Данные для входа в аккаунт – подставляем свои значения

// Запускаем обновление статистики
// Метка означает период, за который мы берем статистику
// d – за сутки
// w – за неделю
// m – за месяц
// y – за год

function set_stat( $time_limiter = ‘d’ ) {
switch( $time_limiter ) {
// Day
$start_stamp = mktime( date(“H”), date(“i”), date(“s”), date(“n”), date(“j”)-1, date(“Y”) );
$field = ‘day_stat’;
// Week
$start_stamp = mktime( date(“H”), date(“i”), date(“s”), date(“n”), date(“j”)-7, date(“Y”) );
$field = ‘week_stat’;
// Month
$start_stamp = mktime( date(“H”), date(“i”), date(“s”), date(“n”)-1, date(“j”), date(“Y”) );
$field = ‘month_stat’;
// Year
$start_stamp = mktime( date(“H”), date(“i”), date(“s”), date(“n”), date(“j”), date(“Y”)-1 );
$field = ‘year_stat’;
} // End switch
$end_date = date(‘Y-m-d’);
$start_date = date(‘Y-m-d’, $start_stamp );
echo “From “ . $start_date . ” to “ . $end_date . “<br>”;
$ga = new gapi(ga_email,ga_password); // Создаем экземпляр класса доступа к данным
$start_index = 1;
$max_results = 500;
$filter = null; // Поддерживает регэкспы. Я не использую, но можно сделать дополнительно фильтр, чтоб не грузить лишние данные
// Сам запрос к GA
while( $ga->requestReportData(ga_profile_id, array(‘pagePath’), array(‘pageviews’,‘uniquePageviews’), array(‘-Pageviews’), $filter, $start_date, $end_date, $start_index, $max_results) ) {
$request = $ga->getResults();
foreach( $request as $page ) {
if( preg_match( “/^/(d ).html$/is” , $page, $matches ) ) { // Это регэксп можно поменять для другой структуры URL
$art_id = $matches[1]; // А тут следует поменять, если ID из URL не совпадает с ID в базе
// Обновляем буферную таблицу
mysql_query( “UPDATE art_stat
. $field . ” = “ . $page->getuniquePageviews() .
WHERE art_id = “
. $art_id
if( mysql_affected_rows() == 0 ) {
mysql_query( “INSERT INTO art_stat ( art_id, “ . $field . ” )
. $art_id . “, “ . $page->getuniquePageviews() . ” )”
} // End if
} // End if
} // End foreach
$start_index = $max_results;
} // End while
} // End function set_stat

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require_once ‘end.php’; // Отключение от базы и прочее


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How to get sendgrid api key credentials

  1. Go to SendGrid.
  2. Sign up or log in
  3. Visit API keys page
  4. Generate API key. (NB. API key can only be generated once; access token cannot be retrieved after you leave the page)

SendGrid endpoints

  • addListRecipient – Individual recipients may be added to a list one at a time with a limit of 1000 requests per second, where one recipient is attached to the list per request.
  • ConditionalSearch – Search using segment conditions.
  • CreateCampaign – Create a marketing campaign.

Pricing details

The pricing details for SendGrid API can be found here

allows your application to send, validate, receive and track emails easily.

List of onfleet api endpoints

  • createDestination – Destinations represent the location details for tasks, including exact coordinate and address information.
  • CreateRecipient – A recipient is an organization’s customer and a target for a task, that is, whom the work is being delivered to.
  • CreateTask – create a new task.

OnFleet API Pricing details

  • Starter – $149/month
  • Basic – $349/month
  • Premium – $799/month
  • Professional – $1999/month

These are the best analytic APIs in the market. Consider your business requirements before selecting which API to choose and integrate into your application.

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